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Gastronomy makes us travel to different places, it leads us to try a range of flavors that represent different cultures of each region. Gastronomy, in addition to providing delicious flavors and unique dishes, can speak indirectly about customs and lifestyle.

A new trend of the current gastronomy in addition to its power to attract tourism is that there are currently many people who decide to travel or make excursions making gastronomic routes around the world.

Gastronomic excursions seek to focus on tasting the typical flavors of the most characteristic dishes of each region, and drinks like local wines are also included. Gastronomy has become a fundamental and important part to attract the attention of tourists to a specific city or region, thus achieving the enjoyment of active tourism.

Papillon, a restaurant located in the Teide National Park, listed as one of the highest restaurant in Tenerife, has a large capacity, distributed between the interior dining room and the terrace, which offers the possibility of making observations through the solar telescope that is installed.

Given its strategic location, in a protected natural area, Papillon is an almost obligatory stop for hikers, nature lovers and tourists. On average, especially during the summer season, Papillon receives more than a thousand people per week who dine in combination with astro tourism activities.

Papillon is also the first restaurant to obtain the Starlight accreditation and becomes a propagator of the values ​​contained in the “Declaration on the Defense of the Night Sky and the Right to Starlight”.