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Our Story

Our Story

Our history begins in 2009, in Tenerife, an island belonging to the Spanish archipelago, a diverse and multicultural place full of wonderful people and many opportunities because much of its growth and livelihood is due to tourism and is completely understandable , the Canary Islands enjoy an enviable climate that makes them worthy of belonging to one of the best places in the world to visit.

That is why we decided to establish roots and undertake new projects focused on the service sector in order to take our passion for excellence and a well done work. We wanted to innovate, to be different, to be able to offer unique experiences that made us stand out from the rest.

We wanted to show the beauties of the island of Tenerife, which although its beaches are beautiful, it also has many other things to discover and know; magical and special places that connect with people.

This is how we arrived at the majestic Teide, the quintessential symbol of the island of Tenerife. Icon of greatness, power and a lot of history, without a doubt the perfect place for our project. Excursions to the Teide National Park, but not a simple excursion that only shows rocks and a great mountain, we wanted more than that. We wanted to convey a unique experience to connect with the natural and make it special.





This is how Teide By Night® was born, a pioneer excursion that unites the beauty that teide shows us in the day and how magical the national park is at night, where the stars completely cover the sky, creating an indescribable and amazing experience.

More and more people live the Teide By Night® experience while Elegant Excursions continues to improve every day, making a difference to achieve excellence and expand our market always focused on attention and good service venturing into gastronomy.

Papillon a restaurant that is part of Elegant Excursions, located in the Teide National Park listed as one of the highest restaurants in Tenerife, makes the difference among others not only for its location and its dishes but also to be the first restaurant to receive Starlight certification.

This is just the beginning, we will continue to innovate, create and offer the best, it is our philosophy.

We love what we do!